I am the Founder and CEO of of the Helene Elizabeth Wellness Center. Helene Elizabeth was my Nana who passed away from diabetes when I was ten years old. Twelve years after her death I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome also known as PCOS.

A doctor should help a person with PCOS and monitor for complications to maintain the health of the patient. Visits should be scheduled to keep track of patient’s health. This is extremely important if a patient is in the process of treatment. Some medications can cause serious complications that need to be controlled.

The Doctor that diagnosed me was extremely apathetic and provided no information about what PCOS is. The years that followed motivated me to do research on PCOS. I found out that 5-10% of women of childbearing age are affected by PCOS, with less than 50% of women diagnosed. This means that millions of women are left undiagnosed. PCOS is responsible for 70% of infertility issues in women who have difficulty ovulating. In addition to infertility symptoms include hair loss, acne, hirsutism, depression and unwanted facial hair.

Moreover, I discovered that PCOS increases the chances of women to become diabetic. A research conducted at the University of Chicago has showed the extremely high risk of obstructive sleep apnea among women with PCOS. Although it is obvious that excessive body weight increases this risk, women with PCOS seem to be at increased risk as a aftereffect of other factors besides the weight.

PCOS can become very challenging, and receiving a good support is essential. This inspired me to establish a business that promotes wellness and health.  I realized that a great way to start would be to offer a series of subscription boxes targeted to women with endocrine issues similar to mine. Each month I will feature products geared to the needs of women with PCOS. In months that follow I will feature a special edition infertility box and a weight loss surgery box for the bariatric community. 

Wellness is much more than merely physical health, exercise or nutrition. It is the full integration of states of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Helene Elizabeth Wellness Center is an idea that has been years in the making. I want it to be a place where people can re-energize, re-focus, find balance and learn how enjoyable life can be and strive to be their best self and reach their true potential.  It is the mission of the Helene Elizabeth Wellness Center to provide customers with workshops and events targeted at the promotion of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual wellness.

I always dreamed of one-day birthing a child of my own and it felt as if that part of my life was over. Not being able to have children left me with a feeling of being less than a woman. Being an optimist, I knew that I would have to eventually view the world as a place filled with endless possibilities again.  I began meditating, taking yoga classes and coming to terms with the idea of not having children. I decided to place my energy in creating a series of subscription boxes for women or individuals with loved ones who have had a similar experience.



For more information, contact us on: Hewellnesscenter@gmail.com

Shavone Sease- Founder/CEO

Shavone Sease- Founder/CEO